Exhibition Opening “My city, Athens…”

With great success, the inauguration of the photo exhibition titled “My City, Athens …” by the photographic team of Caritas Hellas took place on Friday, February 23 at the Metapolis Gallery, Stoa Kairi 6, Monastiraki.

The 45 final photos which have been part of the photo exhibition “My city, Athens” and have been selected out of 11,478 photos, taken during a four-mounth photography seminar that took place in Caritas Hellas’ Social Center in Neos Kosmos, and was conducted by the photographer teacher, Yiannis Yiannakopoulos.

The 28 participants were introduced to the secrets of the art of photography, offering images of the city of Athens through the “lens” of their own culture and their own experiences.

The members of the group shared with the people their own thoughts, pictures, moments and photographic clicks, through their journey of knowledge and life in the city. Certifications were provided to the members of the group who successfully attended the four-month photography seminar, by the General Secretary of Caritas Hellas Elisabeth Ioustinianou, the Director of Caritas Hellas, Maria Alverti and the Photographer Teacher, Yiannis Yiannakopoulos. Also, the participants rewarded after lottery with seven cameras in cooperation with the program E.A. (Emergency Appeal) of Caritas Hellas, which provided funding for the cameras.

The four-month photography seminar is part of the project: “METAVASIS Participation, Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Refugees / Migrants in Greece” concerning the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Project is run by Caritas Hellas and is funded by the German Foreign Ministry and Caritas Germany.

You can visit the photo exhibition ” My City,Athens …” until 16 March 2018.
Operating Hours: Daily: 18.00 – 21.00 | Saturday 11:00 – 21:00, Sunday & Monday closed.
Location: METApolis Gallery, Stoa Kairi 6, Monastiraki Station. See the map. Free Entrance.

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