1st lesson of the training course in the art of cooking!

With success and great excitement, Monday, May 13th, the 1st introductory course of the cooking seminar, which will be attended by 25 participants, Greek refugees and immigrants living in Greece and seeking to occupy themselves professionally in the field of cooking, was completed.

During the first lesson of cooking, the chefs began with a presentation to the participants about the hygiene and safety rules that must always be respected in a kitchen, and generally concern dining areas.

Then we went through the practical learning of the different types of cutting, mainly of vegetables, which is the basis for most meals.

Students watched the various teaching processes with enthusiasm and dedication, paying attention to all the instructions and advice of the distinguished chefs.

The lessons of the seminar take place in collaboration with Odyssea, with accredited chefs and cooking classes “Culinary Center and Cooking Club”.

The seminar is part of the Program “Social and Economic Integration of Refugees and Immigrants in Athens” concerning the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Program is implemented by Caritas Hellas and is funded by Caritas Switzerland.