ducational Logistics Training regarding the «Management of a Storehouse»

The Social Spot of Caritas Hellas in Neos Kosmos will carry out, for a 2nd time an Educational Logistics Training regarding the «Management of a Storehouse», in collaboration with the enterprise Alpha Plan Consultants.



The seminar will last approximately 3 months and it will be conducted

in Greek and English language.

In order to participate, please contact the Secretariat of the Social Center until the 15th of October

(2A Rene Pio, Neos Kosmos, 213 0909940, neoskosmoscenter@caritas.gr),

to request an appointment with the Job Counselor and be informed about the possibility to participate in the seminar.

The training seminar is a part of the «METAVASIS Project – Participation, Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Refugees / Migrants in Greece» concerning the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Project is run by Caritas Hellas and is funded by Caritas Germany