“Housing Lab”

On Tuesday, 14th of June, at the Center for Social Integration and Employability of Caritas Hellas in Kipseli, the 4th informative workshop on the research of apartments to rent in Athens and all the necessary information on this subject took place.

The idea has emerged from the need of the beneficiaries to integrate in the Greek society. Most of them expressed the need to rent a house, since they can no longer be assisted by the existing housing programs and need to proceed independently. They are very active and determined people who want to live and work within the Greek society.

Three introductory ways of finding accommodation (internet, door-to-door and real estate agencies) were discussed, analyzing also the positive and negative aspects of each method. We then proposed areas in Athens where they can look for housing, except for Victoria, Omonia and Kipseli, the areas they are already familiar with.

In addition, we presented to them the electricity and water accounts, showing them at the same time how to measure their consumption in the apartment and what to pay attention to when renting the apartment. We have also shown what the private agreement is and how to use TAXISNET. We informed them about the benefits they will have when they have a residence permit and rent a home, while in the last part of the meeting we searched for rentals in the internet.

The idea and its realization proved to be excellent, as people kept notes, asked questions, and by the time they were leaving the meeting, they were already ready to look for the possible houses for rent on their own!


The informative workshop is part of the Program “Social and Economic Integration of Refugees and Immigrants in Athens” concerning the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Program is implemented by Caritas Hellas and is funded by Caritas Switzerland.