Knitting Workshops by Caritas Hellas on Lesvos island

In December 2018, Caritas Hellas organized with big success Knitting Workshops, in the Hospitality Centre for Refugees and Migrants of the Municipality of Lesvos, in Mavrovouni – Kara Tepe.

Women from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq met in the Women Safe Space of the Organization to share knitting techniques and patterns from their countries as well as to be taught new styles and techniques! Furthermore, in the context of the workshops, the participants had the opportunity to create woolen clothes for them, their kids and husbands.  In the last session, Caritas Hellas team gave the beneficiaries some wool, as a gift for Christmas, so they can continue their beautiful creations in their own space.


The workshops were conducted by Caritas Hellas team on Lesvos island, in the context of the Program «Humanitarian Aid and Supporting the Integration of Refugees and Migrants on the islands of Lesvos and Samos in Greece», which is funded by the Polish Government and Caritas Poland.