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Following the words of the Holy Father Pope Francis for Lent, “Let us stand beside our brothers and sisters in need, sharing our spiritual and material goods with them” and always devoted to the principles for the actualization of the Gospel message of LOVE and JUSTICE, Caritas Hellas, in cooperation with Caritas Athens and Caritas Syros, responded for another time promptly to an appeal for help. The request was from the Social Welfare Department of the Hellenic Red Cross concerning the Shelter of Unaccompanied Minors in Agria of Volos.

On Thursday  March 14 Caritas’ representatives, Father Ioannis Patsis, Vice President, and Elisabeth Ioustinianou, General Secretary, together with the vicar of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Volos, Father Paolo Perazzo, delivered clothes and toys to the responsibles of the Shelter in Agria of Volos.

They expressed their gratitude for the immediate response of Caritas and guided Caritas’ representatives to the premises while informing them about the valuable work offered to the unaccompanied minors and the difficulties they are facing. Caritas’ representatives had also the opportunity to present the multifaceted work of Caritas.

The visit ended with the promise of the two organizations to keep collaborating in such beautiful way, when possible.