The group “Discover Athens” at the museum of Illusion!

The group “Discover Athens”
at the Museum of Illusion!


The group “Discover Athens” conducted a fascinating excursion at Τhe Museum of Illusion on Wednesday the 14th of November!

The Museum of Illusion created a space for social and entertaining tours into the world of illusions, where the beneficiaries of the Social Spot of Caritas Hellas in Neos Kosmos had an intriguing visual, sensory and educational experience! In particular, they enjoyed the collection of holograms and wooden puzzles, looked at every optical illusion, observed thoroughly each installation and entered the illusion of the Vortex tunnel!



This way, the refugees got a better perception about the world of illusions, about the vision, how the human brain works and simultaneously they had plentiful time, laughed, enjoyed and took many pictures. During the follow up discussion, they shared impressions and stated excited as they combined fun with knowledge!

The activity is part of the «METAVASIS Project – Participation, Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Refugees / Migrants in Greece» concerning the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Project is run by Caritas Hellas and is funded by Caritas Germany.