Event of design exhibition “BLACK AND WHITE”, in Thessaloniki

Τhe event of design exhibition “BLACK AND WHITE”, will take place on 26th of February, αt TOP – HANE, Olympiou Diamanti 2, at 17:00.

In the framework of the Cultural Activities of Caritas Hellas’ Social Spot, the Design group was created. The purpose of the group meetings is to develop the skills of the refugees as well as the opportunity for personal time and space for expression. Without much guidance, but mainly by helping and supporting each other, participants began to create interesting designs. Each of them developed his/her personal style of expression and that way a small exhibition, with about 50 works, was born. Each artist accompanies his works with a free text translated into the Greek language.

This exhibition was hosted at the premises of the Social Spot of Caritas Hellas in Thessaloniki with a desire to be hosted in other places. The first station, therefore, became the beautiful area of TOP HANE in Thessaloniki. From December 2017 until the end of February 2018, the audience and invited guests will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, meet the admitted artists and record their own thoughts.

The purpose of the report is twofold. On the one hand, it seeks to cover the need for refugees and immigrants for social inclusion and adaptation to a new way of life and, on the other hand, to empower the local community to welcome them. Reducing differences and emphasizing the common points of people and cultures, Caritas Hellas strengthens the same goal.

The team of Caritas Hellas with Alaedin, Zohir, Elias, Farhouthe, Lenda, Ahmet and Besam.