20 JuneKypseli Municipal Market – 22 June, Serafio City of Athens

In Athens, on the occasion of this year’s World Refugee Day, all organizations and refugees communities joined our forces in two events-meetings where we created, discussed, learned, make proposals, searched for solutions, played, photographed and sang, all together, sending a strong message of solidarity and peaceful coexistence.

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Caritas Hellas on Thursday, June 20 participated in the events that took place in the Municipal Market with the projection of the short film of the Share the Journey campaign and the One Human Family, One Common Home campaign. Caritas Hellas also participated  in the discussion about photography and refugees with  projection at the same time of photo material. The discussion was moderated by Thanassis Stavrakis, chief photographer of the Associated Press, Greece, Cyprus, Albania & North Macedonia. On behalf of Caritas Hellas spoke, the photographer of CNN Lefteris Partsalis. Simultaneously, photographic material was presented, from the four-month seminar that Caritas Hellas organized under the title “Athens my city”.

On Saturday 22nd of June, at the Serafio in the City of Athens, we participated in the open discussion and  thematic parallel workshops on the following issues: a) homelessness, b) access to the labour market / entrepreneurship, and c) integration.

It was a pleasure for us to commemorate the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees forced to flee their home.

Photo Credits: Lefteris Partsalis ,  UNHCR/Baltagiannis & Caritas Hellas