International Women’s Day

On Monday, March 4th, women from the Center for Social Inclusion and Employability of Caritas Hellas in Kypseli participated in the International Women’s Day even (celebrated annually on the 8th March), as part of the weekly meeting of the Group of Psychosocial Empowerment of Women.

The event started with two small presentations. The first highlighted the events surrounding the celebration of this day, as well as the gradual subsequent claim and development of more rights for women, and the improvement of their position in society. Therefore, we discussed about rights such as education, maternity, access to healthcare, and the right of women to vote and to participate in the public affairs.

Subsequently, the second presentation was dedicated to women who have lived a certain period of their life as refugees, but through the difficulties they experienced they managed not only to claim their dreams and succeed, but in many cases to offer back to other people the help they once enjoyed themselves. We have seen examples of women from Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Poland, Sri Lanka, Somalia, Uganda and other countries that have helped make the world a little better through their political action, their articles, their films, their songs. It was really encouraging and inspiring for the women that attended the event.

The second part of the event included handicrafts around the Carnival season. We made our own masks, carnival decorations and face painting with various handicraft materials, while in the end of the day followed dances in carnival rhythms but also in Greek and other countries’ traditional vibes!!

The seminar is part of the Program “Social and Economic Integration of Refugees and Immigrants in Athens” concerning the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Program is implemented by Caritas Hellas and is funded by Caritas Switzerland