Soft Skills Training Workshop at the Social Spot of Kypseli

On Tuesday, March 5, at the Center for Social Integration and Employability of Caritas Hellas in Kypseli, a workshop for the mobilization of unemployed people was successfully held. The aim of this workshop is to cultivate all the necessary skills that need to be developed by jobseekers so that they are suitable candidates in a highly competitive labor market.

More specifically, the workshop for the development of soft skills dealt with the learning of the mild – adjacent skills demanded by employers. As “soft skills” are not taught through formal education, it is particularly important that the opportunity is given to those interested to develop them through their participation in experiential workshops. Some of the best-known professional skills that are commonly required were analyzed, such as problem-solving and crisis management, conflict resolution, flexibility, creativity, good communication skills and teamwork, as well as organizational skills such as time management.

Through the professional skills seminar the participants were able to develop a spirit of co-operation and teamwork, to recognize ways of making decisions and solving conflicts and problems. They also learned to set up exciting and achievable goals through SMART analysis and prioritize their activities. All of the above skills were cultivated through experiential exercises that helped the team work creatively on a global-group basis and developed democratic thinking and constructive conflict management. Through role-playing, creativity and targeting exercises, participants have been able to join forces and knowledge to work together.

The workshop is part of the Program “Social and Economic Integration of Refugees and Immigrants in Athens” concerning the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Program is implemented by Caritas Hellas and is funded by Caritas Switzerland.