The Photo Exhibition «My city, Athens…» has been successfully completed in Tinos

On Saturday, 24 August 2019 the Photo Exhibition “My city, Athens…”, hosted by the Cultural Center “Saint Antonios”, in Pallada, Tinos, was completed with big success. The young volunteer group “Young Caritas in Action”, with the valuable support of Caritas Naxos-Tinos, “travelled” to the island of the winds 45 photo works of refugees and asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Ukraine, Pakistan and Ghana, endeavoring  to raise awareness about the refugee crisis.

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The young volunteers, during the Exhibition (10-24 August 2019) had the opportunity to welcome plenty of visitors, inform them about the multifaceted work of Caritas as well as its dynamic response to the needs emerged during the recent years due to the refugee flows. Furthermore, through the Exhibition, they presented a different aspect of the refugee issue, more human, optimistic and brighter, as captured through the «clicks» of 28 refugees and migrants, participants of the Photo Seminar of Caritas.

The Exhibition received visitors from the local community of Tinos, who were really touched by the efforts of the young photographers as well as from the rest of Greece, England, France, Italy, Scotland, Poland, Switzerland and Philippines. The visitors, in the context of the global Campaign of Caritas Internationalis «Share the Journey», were invited to share their «journey» and their experiences with the fellow human beings, building together a global community of respect and solidarity through the “Culture of Encounter”.

“Young Caritas in Action”, after the closing of the Exhibition, left Tinos, having gained a unique experience of volunteer offering. The volunteers expressed their happiness and satisfaction for the big response of the audience and stated that they are eager to add more stations to the “journey” of the Exhibition – after Athens, Crete and Tinos – always spreading the Message of Love.

The volunteer activity has been funded in part by the Fellowship of the Least Coin, a global ecumenical movement of prayer for Justice, Peace and Reconciliation ( The Photo Seminar was part of “METAVASIS – Participation, Enhancement and Social Integration of Refugees / Immigrants in Greece” Program, which concerns the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Program was implemented by Caritas Hellas and funded by the German Foreign Ministry and Caritas Germany