Theater Performance and activities at the Neos Kosmos Social House of Caritas Hellas in cooperation with Aeroplio theater

We are delighted to invite you all on Wednesday, 6/3 at 16:00 at the Neos Kosmos Social House to attend an interactive theatre performance based on Mild Eastern and Greek folktales with the active participation of all the participants.

In the frame of the European Program “Folktales in my luggage”,  through Aeroplio theater, we will discover those shared cultural characteristics related with the popular culture that could have a crucial role in the promotion of mutual understanding of each other’s culture.

A creative art workshop for children will follow the performance.

In joint cooperation with Aeroplio theater

Collaborating & Progressing Project – Accommodation and support for refugees and migrants in Athens. The Program is implemented is funded by Caritas Germany, Caritas Italy and Caritas Sweden.