The Bodies of the Caritas Hellas Organisation are:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Board of Directors
  • The Executive Committee
  • The Audit Committee
  • The Director

The Board of Directors has a 4-year mandate and consists of the President and the Secretary General, both appointed by the Holy Synod of the Catholic Hierarchy in Greece, by two members of the Caritas of the Ecclesiastical Provinces’ Boards organized in an association and by one to two members of each of the Ecclesiastical Provinces that are not associations and who are appointed by the local Hierarch. The members of the Board of Directors are volunteers.

Caritas Hellas’ Board of Directors consists of:

  • PRESIDENT: Monsignor Antonios Voutsinos (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Syros)
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Reverend Father Ioannis Patsis (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Athens)
  • GENERAL SECRETARY: Elissavet-Maria Ioustinianou-Merritt (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Athens)
  • SPECIAL SECRETARY: Isidoros Salahas (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Syros)
  • TREASURER: Takouhi Markarian (Ecclesiastical Province of Ordinariat of Armenian Rite)
  • MEMBERS of the Board:
    • Catholic Archbishop of Athens Monsignor Sevastianos Rossolatos (Ecclesiastical Province of Athens – Apostolic Administrator of the Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Rhodes)
    • Reverend Father Ioan-Robert Reikli (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Corfu-Zante-Kephallonia)
    • Reverend Father Francis Robles-Reyes (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Thira)
    • Reverend Father Vissarion Kouotsis (Ecclesiastical Province of Greek Catholic Exarchate)
    • Reverend Father Janusz Zwolinsky (Catholic Ecclesiastical of Apostolical Vicariate of Thessaloniki)
    • Maria Daveroni (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Naxos – Tinos)
    • Anna-Maria-Stella Foskolou (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Naxos – Tinos)
    • Helen Carabott (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Athens)
    • Anna-Maria Maragou (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Syros)
    • Caterina Miceli (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Crete)
    • Maria-Celeste Papadopoulou (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Chios)
    • Kalliopi Papadopoulou (Ecclesiastical Province of Ordinariat of Armenian Rite)
    • Tjortj Tjortjevits (Catholic Ecclesiastical Province of Apostolic Vicariate of Thessaloniki)
    • Nikolaos Roussos (Ecclesiastical Province of the Greek Catholic Exarchate)

Management Team

  • Director: Maria Alverti
  • Head of Administration: Elissavet Milliari
  • Head of Finance: Eirini Savvari
  • Head of Community building and Diakonia: Stanislaos Stouraitis


Since her foundation, the Church of Christ, the people of the baptised, "was devoted to the Apostles’ teaching and fellowship ,... They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need... .

our WORK

Caritas Hellas coordinates operations in emergencies, implements social work and advocates for a better and fairer world for all people. Caritas Hellas management, employees and volunteers strongly believe that it is important for people to live with dignity.  


Caritas Hellas aims to put the Gospel message of Love and Justice in practice, for an integral human development, with emphasis on Individuals and Groups of people who need help without any discrimination.


Volunteering is an attitude which promotes the active participation of citizens and enhances social solidarity and selfless offer.