Caritas Hellas organised an award ceremony for those who completed the Educational Logistics Training

On Tuesday, 11th of April the award ceremony for the beneficiaries of Caritas Hellas who have completed the Educational Logistics Seminar, was conducted plentifully. The training with the subject “Management of Storehouse”, with the duration of 54 hours, was a programme that Caritas Hellas assigned to the educational sector Alpha Plan Consultants, last February.

The whole seminar was conducted in English and Greek language. The lessons were actualized two times per week to the facilities of the Social Spot of Neos Kosmos and the practical lessons, were conducted at the facilities of storehouses. The participants of the seminar were trained in management and operation of storehouses, in the use electric pallet-trucks, to safety and hygiene in the work place and to the “Professional Skills”.

The timetable was particularly intense, not only to promote the training of participants in this specific professional field, but even more so that people are interconnected with the labor market.

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A huge congrats by the staff and volunteers of Caritas Hellas to all the participants for their hard work and congratulations to all.

The training seminar is a part of the «METAVASIS Project – Participation, Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Refugees / Migrants in Greece» concerning the support and integration of refugees and immigrants in Greek society. The Project is run by Caritas Hellas and is funded by Caritas Germany.