The external evaluator of the Elba project, Ms Silva Ferretti, has finalized her report. Apart from the blog that you already know what (https://learningfromelba.wordpress.com ), a written evaluation report was produced that can be found below.


This report presents key ideas emerging from the Elba Evaluation (February 2019). It is not the usual evaluation report. It is short and practical. Why this? Because this evaluation focused on the process and not on the report! Evidence, ideas have been presented in many different ways along the process.

This report does not seek to capture all the evaluation findings: many have been shared also in other forums (see the table below for pointers). It focuses on key highlights, and it  provide frameworks and tools to support future programmes – and linked initiatives.

ELBA EVALUATION REPORT: ELBA 2 Final Evaluation Report

A BLOG (https://learningfromelba.wordpress.com/)

A blog was produced real time during the evaluation. It shared openly the evidence collected and preliminary ideas. In February – as the evaluation took place – it had 443 Unique visitors, 3103 Page views (7 pages per visitor). This is a much higher information sharing than many reports and users had the opportunity to position themselves and comment in real time. Additionally, they were able to gain a much deeper perspective than what a report would usually allow for as they could read full case studies while looking at pictures and videos.


Beside the interactions that tool place in the different countries, the evaluation key findings were presented in the Elba meeting in Rome (27/28 February), in a seminar bringing together project coordinators, but also participants on other Caritas initiatives – about social enterprises in Italy. It was a rich opportunity for discussion and sharing. The findings and results drawn are expected to be directly applied to the continuation of the Elba project.