Focus Group

On 11/02/2019, refugees who are hosted in Caritas Hellas apartments collaborated with the interdisciplinary team of Caritas Hellas, in order to organize a focus group, in the Social Services of the Urban Accommodation program (ESTIA). The purpose of this focus group was to discuss various aspects of the program, such as the services which are provided and the integration procedures. Also, the beneficiaries who participated in this discussion had the opportunity to express their needs, their ideas and their thoughts about the program and the provided services.

Regarding their integration in Greece, the beneficiaries reported that they feel accepted by the Greek society. Also, they report that they have easy access to the public services and they wish for their children to be enrolled in the public school. At the same time, they expressed their need for additional support in order to find job opportunities and to get more information for their rights and their obligations, as equal members of the Greek Society.

In the focus group participated ten beneficiaries, who come from Syria and Afghanistan. Five of them was women, who are very motivated. The beneficiaries and the staff members collaborated in order to conduct this interesting discussion.

Finally, two women of the beneficiaries, who are very motivated and dynamic, supported the group discussion, organizing two team building activities.

The discussion  took place in the context of the “Urban Shelter Program”, implemented by Caritas Hellas in co-operation with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), under the scheme of “ESTIA Program” of UNHCR.