Inter-school Greek Folk Dance Festival

At the end of the school year, on Saturday 18/5/2019, Caritas Hellas in collaboration with the Armenian Catholic Church participated with great joy in the Inter-school Greek Folk Dance Festival organised on the premises of the 101st Elementary School of Athens. This is an inter-school activity that is being organized for the sixth consecutive year and it hosted more than 250 students from the Athens Elementary Schools and up to 1000 people who graced and supported the children’s effort with their presence.


In a festive mood, a group of 18 children from the Neos Kosmos local community presented a selection of Armenian traditional dances, while children who are attending the educational program in the district of Neos Kosmos along with the guests hosted in the Caritas Social House created a small exhibition of traditional handicrafts and food from their countries of origin, Syria, Afghanistan, Congo and Armenia.

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That was an evening dedicated to hospitality, dance, traditional music, culture and of course to children who filled the school yard with smiles and laughter, colors and music!

That Festival was a great bonding experience, promoting intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity, fostering warmth for our future joint initiatives.

The activity is part of Collaborating & Progressing Project – Accommodation and support for refugees and migrants in Athens
Funded by: Caritas Germany, Caritas Italy, Caritas Sweden