“Shedia Home”. The new solidarity house of “Shedia” magazine has opened its doors.

“Shedia” is the first Greek solidarity magazine to be sold on the streets by homeless and long-term unemployed people. It is independent, non-profit, and its goal is to help vulnerable social groups gain income and rejoin society. The project has grown and spread beyond the magazine. The ” Shedia Home” has just opened its doors and is inviting everyone interested.

In a climate of celebration, the new house of “Shedia”, has opened its doors, in the heart of Athens, with the help and the constant motivation of the people supporting this initiative. In this way, the people of the street magazine «Shedia», which supports vulnerable groups, has announced the launching of “Shedia Home”.

This was a dream of years and rightly the people of “Shedia” are clearly satisfied with the operation of this space that aspires to be a hive of applied Social innovation and solidarity in the centre of Athens. The objective of “Shedia” is to activate, empower, educate and create jobs for the poorest. Not to stand staring at the problems, but to highlight solutions and to bring us closer to the struggle for a more just society.

The new house of “Shedia” has opened in one of the most beautiful corners of the city centre, in Kolokotroni 56 and Nikiou 2 street, at the historical centre of Athens. “Shedia Home” is accommodated in a historic building of the old shopping centre. It comprises a space with excellent aesthetics, in which we will find the “Shedia Art” project showroom and shop with objects from recycled paper made by the people of “Shedia” (wall clocks, decorative items, bowls, magnets, etc.). Part of the programme «Shedia Art» has been funded, after a tender call, through the inter-Balkan programme of the Caritas on Social Economy “ELBA” (Emergenza laboro Nei Balkani) where Caritas Hellas participates as national partner.

In a building that spreads on four levels, one can find, apart from the showroom, the shop and the workshops of “Shedia Art”, the offices of “Shedia” but also the Café-bar and restaurant, the menu of which has been curated by the renowned chef Lefteris Lazarou.

The building is accessible to people with mobility impairments (for this reason there are high tables so that there is room for the wheelchair of disabled persons), while the menu of the restaurant exists in audio version for people with impaired vision. There is also provision for respecting for the environment and for our fellow persons. For this reason, smoking is not permitted all areas, plastic water bottles are not available, the packaging for the takeaway is not made of plastic, while milk, eggs, chicken are all organically produced.

It is excellent that there are now employees registered, people who some time ago had no home. The ” Shedia Home” will employ almost 30 people, many of whom had been found outside the labour market. The aim is to “activate, empower, educate and create jobs for the poorest of the poorest of our homeland”, as Christos Alefantis says, the editorial director of the Street magazine.

The space is extremely pleasant, and the workers are glowing with happiness. This is very moving and very motivating for everyone. The greatest achievement of “Shedia” nevertheless, is that year after year, it has earned the respect of the people.

For this reason, a large number of individuals are supporting and by such means, “Shedia” has become a point of reference in the city. Apart from the readers and supporters of the “Shedia” magazine, supporters in this new effort have been Stavros Niarchos Foundation (Grand donor), the Public Benefit Foundation of TIMA, VISA Greece and Caritas Hellas.

The new journey of “Shedia Art” and “Shedia Home” has just begun and we are pleased that we are part of this new social and environmental project.

We wish from the bottom of our heart for the initiative to be everlasting and to become a source of inspiration for all those who get to know it and help show our fellow citizens an angle of our society and economy that is more humane and in solidarity.

— We are all welcomed to discover “Shedia Home”. Info: «Shedia Home», Kolokotroni 56 and Nikou 2, Athens. Opening hours 08: 00-03: 00, seven days a week. The shop of “Shedia Art” operates during shopping hours.–