The Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Greece officially embraced this organization, for the materialization of the “ministry of charity” in the Greek territory, during its spring meeting in May 1980, by founding CARITAS (means LOVE) on a parish, diocesan and national level.

However, this does not mean that the Catholic Church in Greece did not materialize the “ministry of charity-diaconia” in the past.  To the contrary, through parishes & dioceses, she has been offering spiritual and material assistance to our fellow human beings, for various everyday needs.

Regarding our history, we cannot omit the multifaceted contribution in the charity work of the Catholic Church in Greece, provided by the charitable organization of the Greek Catholic Exarchate “Theia Pronoia” from 1941 until 1980.  “Theia Pronoia” was representing the Catholic Church in Greece within Caritas International Network.

Since 1994, CARITAS HELLAS, as the coordinator of the charity work, the beneficence and the social support provided by the Catholic Church in Greece, at a parish, regional and national level, is a Charity Non-Profit Organization and a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), officially recognized by the Greek State.  It operates in Greece, based in Athens, under the auspices of the Holy Synod of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Greece.

It is a member of Caritas Europe (Caritas Europa) and of Caritas International (Caritas Internationalis) and represents all Diocesan Caritas of Greece, at a national, European and International level.

On a global level, Caritas is the second largest organization after the UN.

On a global level, Caritas is the second largest organization after the UN.


Since her foundation, the Church of Christ, the people of the baptised, "was devoted to the Apostles’ teaching and fellowship ,... They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need... .

our WORK

Caritas Hellas coordinates operations in emergencies, implements social work and advocates for a better and fairer world for all people. Caritas Hellas management, employees and volunteers strongly believe that it is important for people to live with dignity.  


Caritas Hellas aims to put the Gospel message of Love and Justice in practice, for an integral human development, with emphasis on Individuals and Groups of people who need help without any discrimination.


Volunteering is an attitude which promotes the active participation of citizens and enhances social solidarity and selfless offer.