our work

Caritas Hellas coordinates operations in emergencies, implements social work and advocates for a better and fairer world for all people.

  • Designs and develops emergency programs in collaboration with the Authorities, the Regional Administration, the Diocesan Caritas in Greece, and the Caritas international network.
  • Collects and distributes food and emergency supplies such as clothing, personal hygiene items, household items, furniture etc.
  • Supports deprived families and individuals, so that they will be able to meet fundamental needs, such as food, medication, rent, debt, utility bills etc.
  • Provides free social services, such as counselling, moral and psychological support.
  • Organises blood donation events, in cooperation with public hospitals with the valuable and commendable contribution of volunteers-blood donors.
  • Cares for the elderly through visits to hospitals and nursing homes, home visits, spiritual, moral support, and animation
  • Engages in activities for inmates at prisons (regular prison visits, spiritual, moral and material support).
  • Advances the concept of solidarity, volunteering, contributing to the development, design, implementation and materialization of activities and programs against poverty and social exclusion of individuals and vulnerable populations.
  • Trains, supports and encourages volunteers through seminars, lectures etc.
  • Collaborates with other Charity Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations and other Agencies, aiming at developing dialogue and creating a network with the Society, the National and European or/and International Agencies, in order to attain the organisation’s goals.
  • Advocates towards the Society, the Greek State and the International Community, by promoting institutional transformation to fight poverty and social exclusion.

Caritas Hellas has responded to the refugee crisis in a direct and flexible manner, in collaboration with and with the support of Caritas international network, International Agencies and NGOs, and other national and local administrative bodies.

Since the beginning of the refugee crisis, Caritas Hellas created and operated hospitality and accommodation facilities, social & counselling centres, centres for creative activities for children, lessons of Greek and English language to minors and adults, providing quality services through the professional work of social workers, psychologists, cultural mediators, lawyers and occupational advisors.

Caritas Hellas management, employees and volunteers strongly believe that it is important for people to live with dignity.  They empathise with human suffering in a respectful way, trying to empower people to make a positive change on the personal & social level!


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Volunteering is an attitude which promotes the active participation of citizens and enhances social solidarity and selfless offer.