Annual Report 2018

”We are delighted to present the Annual Report of Caritas Hellas for 2018 .A year of hard work, compassion and devotion to the most vulnerable and excluded. Always committed to accompany the people we serve in their efforts to change their lives, to support them, to empower them and to propose solutions for a better future.

A year of strong synergies and alliances with those that believe in the global justice, the respect and the promotion of the fundamental human rights, the solidarity and the democratic values by which we are inspired. In times where fear, hate and intolerance give room to nationalism, hatred and extreme political positions, new walls and borders seem to threat peace and human development. Working in partnership with Caritas Intenationalis, Caritas Europa Diocesan Caritas, as well as with Institutions, Foundations, National and Local authorities and members of the Greek Civil Society we feel proud to present this Annual Report. A selection of stories and initiatives that are changing people’s lives every day. Our deepest appreciation goes to all colleagues and volunteers that made our mission accomplished for 2018.”

Fr. Antonios Voutsinos

President of Caritas Hellas

Download the AnnualReport_2018 in english.