Caritas Hellas aims to put the Gospel message of Love and Justice in practice, for an integral human development, with emphasis on Individuals and Groups of people who need help without any discrimination.

The purpose of the Organization is to create and implement actions and programs of humanitarian and philanthropic content, as well as to develop a spirit of solidarity within society.

More precisely Caritas Hellas focuses on:

  • The provision of social services, counselling, moral and psychological support.
  • The provision of financial and material support.
  • The promotion of the spirit of solidarity and volunteering.
  • The development, design and implementation of actions and programs that contribute in combatting poverty and social exclusion of individuals and vulnerable population groups.
  • Cooperation with other Charities, Non-Governmental Organizations and other Organizations, to promote dialogue and develop networks with the Society, the Greek State, European and International Organizations, in order to achieve the goals of the Association.
  • The Motivation of Society, the Greek State and the international community to take the ap-propriate measures to tackle poverty and social exclusion.

“Charity is at the heart of the Church, it is the reason for its action, the soul of its mission”.

Pope Francis


Since her foundation, the Church of Christ, the people of the baptised, "was devoted to the Apostles’ teaching and fellowship ,... They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need... .

our WORK

Caritas Hellas coordinates operations in emergencies, implements social work and advocates for a better and fairer world for all people. Caritas Hellas management, employees and volunteers strongly believe that it is important for people to live with dignity.  


The Council of Catholic Hierarchy in Greece officially embraced this organization, for the materialization of the “ministry of charity” in the Greek territory, and founded the CARITAS organization (means CHARITY) on a parish, local and national level.


Volunteering is an attitude which promotes the active participation of citizens and enhances social solidarity and selfless offer.